Feral State

See the difference?

Farrah Raur (or the Feral State) is the usually calm, easily-facinated and collective Claudia Miyadro's Edward Hyde. It is an unforeseen Side-Effect of her being injected with the Project Wild Cat Formula X.


When she becomes over-stressed, Claudia goes through a change which makes her stronger and more aggressive. This lasts for as long as she is tense. Only when she settles down long enough (Usually through deep breaths) will she return to normal. This state (Nicknamed "Farrah Raur") alters her personality slightly. While Claudia is normally kind, gentle and polite to everyone with a sickeningly sweet voice and a lite Spanish accent (To the pont of not hearing it), Farrah is a little more gruff, assertive, ill-tempered and menacing to her enemies and is slightly tomboyish with a more mature voice and a thicker Spanish accent, though she maintains her kind nature.