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Characters Featured:

Claudia, Akiko, Gordon, Molly, Hammenburger, Orson, Rutters, Chelsea.


Claudia Miyadro, Akiko Yorakasha, Gordon Retriverini, Molina Anderson, Swinehog Hammenburger, Orson Anderson, Spencer Rutters, Chelsea Munro.

Gags Used:

Claudia's silence, The Bitch, Orson in disguise, Gordon's love-driven decisions, Wrong Cartoon, Flashback, Chelsea getting hurt, Rushed ending.

The Premature Project Wild Cat Holiday Special is the first and only episode of Season 2012, and the first overall episode. Claudia and (Two members of) the gang go to a festival to get into the holidayspirit, but F.L.U has plans for them...


Tis that time of year again!Edit

Pannel 6

Akiko's realization.

On the Eve of Unity, Claudia asks Molly for Akiko's whereabouts while she was singing a festive tune. Just then, Gordon returns to Project Pizza expressing his relief for the long break, but Akiko asks him to make a few more pizzas for the party upstairs in the loft. As she began her conversation with Claudia, she realized that this would be Claudia's first Day Of Unity in 10 years. Everyone started thinking of a good activity to do with her. Gordon mentions that there was a festival up in Queens. Akiko suggests Molly and Gordon to take her while she continues preparations.

Vat are you doing?Edit

Pannel 13

Whoa, buddy, we get it, you love the holiday. Just put...the stick with the glowing orb...down...

Meanwhile on the F.L.U Airship Headquarters, Hammenburger gets a report from Rutters who informs him that Claudia, Molly and Gordon are on their way to the festival. As he begins his monologue, Hammenburger realizes strange lights being placed up by Orson. Orson expresses his love for the holiday, but is downhearted by Hammenburger when he reveals a part of his past and has him come with him.

It didn't end too well...Edit

Pannel 19

Does this seem a little bit familiar to you...? Like you should be seeing some little guys with mining tools right about now or something?

Moments later, we find our heroes at the festival. Claudia wonders about Gordon's Whereabouts after choosing the first activity. Gordon is seen on the opposite side from the girls and runs into Orson disguised as an elderly peddler woman giving away a "magic" apple that he promissed would help his chances with Claudia. After the two flash back to an earlier incident with each other, Orson gets frustrated and temporarily breaks character. He then repeats his promisse. When Gordon is about to leave, a hungry Chelsea takes the apple and takes a bite of it, revealing that the apple was coated with Garmadite.

I hate ze holidays.Edit

Pannel 30

Aw, a happy ending.

In a last ditch effort, Hammenburger starts the timer on a bomb after dressing Rutters up like Saytniklis. Orson's holiday guilt kicks in making him rush to our heroes to convince Claudia that Rutters was the real Saytniklis telling her that he had to get home. The bomb goes off, leaving Hammenburger comedically charred, expressing his hatred for the holidays.


  • This episode parodies the premiere episodes of TV shows that are announced to begin during the holiday season.
  • Orson's disguise in this episode is (Unintentionally) based on the Peddler persona of the evil queen from Snow White.
    • Hammenburger claims the he would be fairest in the land, a quote from several versions of the story, specifically, the Disney Movie.

Edits and CensorshipEdit

  • Edits:
    • Gordon suggesting the festival was shortened to saying it without pondering it in the deviantART version.
    • In the deviantART version, F.L.U's debut scene in its entiritety was taken out going straight to the festival scene due to space issues.
    • Chelsea's scene was shortened to just her captions in the deviantART version
    • The deviantArt version ends with the Wrong Cartoon gag.
  • Censorship:
    • ​The flashback in this episode was shortened to two pannels because of
      Panel 5

      Don't worry, she doesn't mind if you stare...

      Molly's nude scene (See image).

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