The World International League of Defense (W.I.L.D), known within the group as Team Wild Cat is the main (Mostly Mamma-Sapien) group of protagonists in the Project Wild Cat series stationed on Terra. They are the opposing group to F.L.U. On the side, they run Project Pizza, the loft of which they live in on Coney Island.


Akiko Yorakasha - Leader, fighter, LUPTN-9

Claudia Miyadro - Top priority, fighter, LUPTN-X

TJ - Fighter, Cyber-Sapien

Molina Anderson - Bookworm, fighter, LUPTN-11

Abigail Hoppington - Infiltrator/Spy.

Courtney T'Kayo - fighter, LUPTN-14

Chuck - Homo-Sapien, fighter.

Gongo - Assistant.

Artemis Baxter - Scientist and researcher, creator of Formula X.

Payton Athlitz - Former F.L.U soldier, fighter, HMBGR-1.

Gordon Retrivor - Sage, fighter.

Drusilla Rodentov - Mechanic, fighter.